Romantic moment…

Here’s the story…

While my mom was here we went and did some grocery shopping at The Food Emporium. It was a very muggy, windy day. As we were leaving, I was exiting through the revolving doors and when I stepped out into the street, a huge gust of wind hit me. *cue light in the piazza music* As it did, the hat I was wearing completely flew off my head. I had no idea where it was. All of the sudden, I spotted it speeding fast in the air to my left. As I began to chase it down the street, I noticed the gentleman next to me start running. He rushed ahead of me and grabbed my hat as it hit the ground. As I thanked him, he said, “Nice fedora.” With a smile, we parted ways. This would have all been very romantic if the guy wasn’t in his 30’s and balding.

Seriously, as soon as my hat flew off my head I was hoping for a Piazza moment as featured below, starting at 1:30. Even though he wasn’t a young, handsome, Italian named Fabrizio, I still appreciated the kindness of a stranger. So my romantic moment had potential. I digress!




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