Late Thanksgiving Post

As explained in this video, I currently don’t have the internet at my apartment (however as soon as I get home I’m calling Time Warner Cable and getting it straightened out) so I had to wait till I got here at work today to post this blog. So happy late Thanksgiving everyone!



Jeffy’s 18!!

One of my amazing talented friends, Jason (Jeffy), is celebrating his 18th birthday today. I love Jason and I’s friendship and I’m so lucky to have him in my life. Love you Jeffy!

The Next “Julie & Julia” Blog

My dear friend, Johanna, who I’ve featured here on the blog before, has created a blog herself and I think its just absolutely clever! Inspired by “Julie & Julia”, her mission for her blog is to sing her way through Barbra Streisand repertoire. Usually I say leave Barbra alone, but if anyone can tackle the challenge, Johanna can! Johanna is so freaking talented and Broadway better be ready for her. She’s going to be a STAR! Join me in following her blog as she is “Somewhere” “Before the Parade Passes By”. You don’t want to rain on her parade!



Lincoln Center Fountain

One of my absolute favorite things is the fountain in Lincoln Center. Whenever I pass by I always take five minutes to stop and watch. It’s so beautiful and always leaves me feeling inspired. Tonight I sat on a bench across the street from it, ate my dinner, and read a book. Its things like that that make me think, “I love my life.”

The other night I took this video and put it on Youtube. I hope you like it!


Day Off in the Park

Nothing says great day off like 1,115 photos. Yesterday I spent the good majority of my day off in Central Park with some of my blue Rockette ladies taking photos. Amanda, Sarah, and Erin did more dancey shots and Kat and and Summyr (and Summyr’s mom) brought their little boys, Matthew and Beck,┬áto get some pictures of them. It was an absolutely wonderful day and I was very pleased with the shots we got!

Wish I could do that day over and over again. I had a blast!