Ballet with a Bite

So back home in Houston, BAHBT is getting ready to open a new ballet production of Dracula with choreography by Luis Fuente. I’ve seen much of the show and it looks amazing. I’m so sad that I’ll miss it!

How about you do me a favor. Why don’t you go see it for me?

Shows are October 22 & 23 at 7:30 and the 23rd & 24th at 2pm. Call 281-480-1617 for tickets or visit

Here’s a video advertisement for the show that my sister, Natalie, put together. Natalie is responsible for the story, music, and much more for this production and I’m so proud of her. Enjoy and go see it this weekend!!


2 comments on “Ballet with a Bite

  1. Vanessa says:

    Natalie is the Creative Director and Assoc Choreographer of this amazing ballet!!!! Amazing job!!!!!

  2. […] another video of Nat made for BAHBT’s Dracula which opens tomorrow night!! It looks absolutely breathtaking and I so wish I could see it […]

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