Little Letters

Dear Mommy, thanks for my package!!! I love you and miss you.

Dear Fringe, how did I not find you sooner? You are my favorite TV show right now!

Dear Fall, I like you. I want to experience you in Central Park. Sunday, perhaps? Good. Its a date!

Dear Ms. Lilya, Yes I’m eating right! XO.

Dear Boston Market, I’m so happy to have you back in my life again.

Dear Rudeness, are you really rude or just being honest? I guess it really doesn’t matter. Each way it hurts.

Dear Rainboots, I love how ever since I bought you, its only rained once. Go fig!

Dear Anthro, I could live in your store. Truly. I’m in heaven when I’m there!

Dear Gavin Lee, you’ve been tap dancing upside down for years now. How do you still do it?

Dear New York City, I’m in love with you.


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