Survived Tech!

Had an amazing week of tech! What a thrill it is to perform on the Great Stage. I started crying during the first time we did the shine kick line with music on stage. It’s the most incredible feeling to look out into that house with the lights shining up from the ground and see your legs kicking alongside the world’s famous kicking legs and realize, “Wow! This is real! Dreams do come come true.”

Tomorrow starts our first round of dress rehearsals. Can’t wait to get the costumes on and add that whole dimension to the show. First show is Friday!!! Mom and Nat get here on Thursday. It’s going to be an amazing week!



The Great Stage

Tomorrow starts my 2 1/2 month stay on the Great Stage of Radio City Music Hall. We’ve finished the rehearsal process and now moving on to tech rehearsals at the theatre. Our first show is a week from Friday. It’s all so soon and exciting!

Tech rehearsals are very long days so my blogging might become a little bit infrequent over the next few weeks but keep checking back. I just might post something! We’ll see…!



Please Please Please go see this!!

Here’s another video of Nat made for BAHBT’s Dracula which opens tomorrow night!! It looks absolutely breathtaking and I so wish I could see it live. What an amazing production this is going to be and you don’t want to miss it!

Stunning. Have a great run for everyone in it! I miss all of you so much and congrats on a magnificent production!


October 2010 Playlist

I’m stealing this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Andrew Keenan-Bolger

Here are the songs that I’ve been listening to this month. I listen to them when I get up, get warmed up for rehearsals, while I’m showering, and when I go to bed. I’m planning on doing this once a month… Just for fun!

All songs can be bought on itunes! Anyone have  any good songs or artists that they want to share?


(for some reason my blog cuts off the right hand side of the photo so click on the picture to see it in its entirety.)

Ballet with a Bite

So back home in Houston, BAHBT is getting ready to open a new ballet production of Dracula with choreography by Luis Fuente. I’ve seen much of the show and it looks amazing. I’m so sad that I’ll miss it!

How about you do me a favor. Why don’t you go see it for me?

Shows are October 22 & 23 at 7:30 and the 23rd & 24th at 2pm. Call 281-480-1617 for tickets or visit

Here’s a video advertisement for the show that my sister, Natalie, put together. Natalie is responsible for the story, music, and much more for this production and I’m so proud of her. Enjoy and go see it this weekend!!



(To go along with the theme of this blog entry, I decided to put up one of my favorite songs from the band, Fun. Listen as you read!)

So the show is practically staged and we have one more week of rehearsals till we get in the theatre. VERY exciting and VERY nerve wracking. I’m trying to keep my head clear and not get stressed. Tonight I spent time with my friend Johanna and had some easy FUN! It was nice to go shopping, run errands, eat some good food. Sometimes you need to just relax.

And of course we had mini photoshoots! Of course…

I loved having fun with dear Johanna tonight!



Things I’m Thinking

-Have I really been here for 3 weeks? Sometimes it seems like longer but than it seems just like yesterday I was at the airport saying goodbye to Mom and Ashley.

-photoshoots. I wish I had more time to do them. I love how beautiful this city is.

-netflix is so worth the $9 a month

-just received my red coat from anthro. can’t wait to sport it out on the streets when it gets cold!

-I really can’t wait to see the next episode of Brothers & Sisters and Castle. Love those shows!

-My sunglasses are starting to chip. I miss my Raybans… RIP subway glasses…

-I really need a frying pan.

-I love that ever since I bought my rain boots, its rained once.

-If I get married in NY, I want to have my reception on a rooftop. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

-So looking forward to Sunday when I get to dress up in normal clothes.

-Being an adult and living on your own has its perks.

-Root Bear floats with chocolate ice cream are so good.

-I can’t wait to see my family and friends that are coming to visit me here in NYC!

Ny Photoshoots

I’ve had two photoshoots since I arrived in New York. My first shoot was with a new friend, Meryl Engelke, on a pier overlooking the Hudson. Meryl is such a beautiful dancer and we had a very fun time doing this shoot together.

This morning i had a marvelous shoot with dear Laura. She is just so beautiful, its not fair. I’m thinking she needs to start a modeling portfolio. Wouldn’t you agree?

I just love photographing this beautiful city and these beautiful people.

Wonder what’s in for next Sunday morning? You’ll have to check back and see!


Heaven on Earth

As celebration of my first week of rehearsals I decided to splurge a little bit and go for a small shopping spree at Anthropologie. Taylor came along to monitor my spendings!

I just love going to Anthro. Not only just to shop… but it is the most wonderful place. Its filled with so much creativity and ideas. I also leave so inspired. They’re catalogues too… I swear, if I wasn’t a performer, I’d want to be a photographer for them.

Isn’t it just beautiful? I want to live in the world of Anthropologie.

Here’s the sweater and purse I bought!

Where do you like to splurge?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!