Ta Ta, Olive Oil, Goodbye

I wish to show you my new hair cut and color. We talked about it so much. I remember the exact date we were planning on getting bangs together.

As I throw away things in my closet I can’t bare to throw away anything I know you borrowed.

When I buy something, I think if you would have eventually borrowed it.

I watched Bride Wars for the first time since we last watched it. Can’t get myself to do the same for Pride and Prejudice and The Notebook yet.

Remember our goodbye phrase? They’re actually saying “au revoir” instead of “olive oil” Who knew?! I like “olive oil” better.

I try to say “poop” once a day, just for you. And then followed by a ripple of giggles of course.

It’s hard to see your house on sale again. I wish I could go inside just once more before I head off.

King and I miss you greatly. We are such better people having known you.

I miss our closet talks. Remember the one at your 18th birthday? I found the thank you note you gave me and my mom for that just the other day. It’s the only piece of your hand writing that I have.

Your mom sent me the “vid” of you and me singing rainbow. Even though its pitch dark, I love it. Even though I go flat at the end which makes you go flat at the end, I love it.

I’m getting close to posting my 200th FB album. That’s insane. I remember so clearly our first shoot. We had no idea it would become this. You were so beautiful to photograph. I’m so glad that your parents have them.

I think about them every day. Nate and Maddie too. From vid and pic I’ve seen, they’re just getting so big! I want to see all of them so much.

Remember how we’d get so off topic that we’d have to work our way backwards to figure out what we were talking about in the first place? I’ve had to do that a lot recently.

When I show June 3rd pics to people that didn’t know you or Aaron, many ask if you two were dating. You two did make a handsome couple to photograph I must say. I did some pics of him and Kelsey the other day you would have loved.

I drove down the block this week. You would have been so proud of me!

Ever since the year mark, I’ve been much better. Haven’t had many night breakdowns since then. I’ve felt so much more comforted since that day. It was a very hard day but oh how much life has eased since then.

Even though I’ll be moving to New York and don’t have any memories of you there, I love imagining you there. I see you on every corner buying a fake purse or grabbing a bagel on the way to something fabulous.

It’s amazing that “I’ll Be Seeing You” was our song. It completely captures how I feel now.

Olive Oil,


photo courtesy of John Gladu.


One comment on “Ta Ta, Olive Oil, Goodbye

  1. Vanessa says:

    Lovely, just lovely. 🙂

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