So I have a youtube account dedicated to my more “vloggy” videos vs. my performing vids. I’ve put up 3 videos recently.

The first one was when I was still in Htown. Bro-in-law, Ryan, was (and hopefully continue) teaching me how to drive. This was my first time “on the street” but it really was just down my block!

And the second is a video of me and one of my fellow brand new Rox, Paige, going waist deep in our ice bath for the first time!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week. I had my first reh with all the NY Rox today. It was crazy. I was overwhelmed and had a hard time focusing because I was just so in awe with how real this all is. Moving to NY, getting payed to do what I love… just living the dream. I’m looking forward to documenting more of my time of my first season as a Rockette.




And now life really begins!

My dear Wiggins celebrated his 18th birthday this last Sunday, and stupid me forgot to do a blog post for him!!

So to King I say this,

We’ve been through so much together. It feels like yesterday we were Jack and Lil Red. I remember the first time we were in New York together. ¬†Both of us just knew that this was where we’re meant to be. We’ve been doing our salute for so long, I can’t even remember when it first started. Running from Paparazzi together has to go down in the books too. I cherish all of my moments with you, each one more special than the last.

I admire you more than you could imagine. Your strength, your creativity, your influence, originality, compassion, way with words, and maturity beyond your years… I strive to be as free as you are. And though you say just because your 18 now and your “free”, I’ve always seen you as a free spirit.

We’ve been through hell and back together, but I know the exciting stuff has only just begun. I can’t wait to see where your life goes. I love you so much, but you know that.




Started Rockette bootcamp on Friday and soreness has brought on a whole new meaning. I hurt so bad that i can’t even keep the phone at my ear without something hurting.

Nevertheless I’m having a great time and working my tail off.

Day off has also brought on a new meaning. So needed and loved are Sundays…

More blogging to come… but for now I must ice and then sleep.



Costume Fittings

It was very exciting. It defiantly made everything all the more real. I kept thinking how much my mom would love working in a big warehouse full of needles and threads and fabrics.

The guys doing my fitting were so awesome. Usually they would ask me, “How does it feel?” to see how I felt the costume fit, but they once asked me, “How do you feel?” And I replied, “Beautiful.” Those costumes are just gorgeous and I feel like a million bucks wearing them. I can’t wait to get all dolled up in my Laducas, twist, red lips, and lashes in those costumes.


“Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean ‘I’ll miss you until we meet again!’ “

This past week has been a crazy one. A lyric from Millie keeps popping into my head, “Highs and lows, tears and laughter. Gimme happy ever after. Gimme gimme that think called love.” Taking this out of its original context, it really makes me think about my life. I’ve had lots of highs and laughter and my share of lows and tears but I know that my happily ever after is in New York City. I know that sounds mega cheesy but its definitely how I’m feeling right now. It’s the strangest feeling to say goodbye to people I’ve known my entire life. I know it’s not “goodbye” but its 3 1/2 months away from everything and everyone I’ve ever known. So when this last week first started, I was sad. Then I was scared. Then I got anxious. Then I got sad again. All this time I was very excited! Now I think the nerves are starting to kick in. I know once I’m there I’ll be fine. It’s just the leaving part that’s the hardest.

So instead of saying goodbye, I’m saying hello. Hello to the next chapter in my life. Please continue to follow me here and on the facial book. I promise to blog as much as I can… maybe even starting vlogging… who knows! I’m beyond excited to get to work and start kicking!




Friends are ones that will skype with you for an hour and basically just watch you cry and assure you everything will be ok.

Friends are ones that bring you your favorite ice cream and stay up as late as you want till you’ve talked all you can.

Friends are ones that no matter what has happened will always be there for you and will never leave your side.

I love these three friends.