The Preludes- The Future of the Arts

prelude: An introductory performance, event, or action preceding a more important one

In the BanB world, Preludes is the pre professional company. You usually go through Preludes before you get into company and dancing bigger roles. In your time as a prelude you go around the local area performing the same show, but rotating parts so everyone gets the experience of doing each dance. The summer is when these dances are staged and learned and at the end of the summer the Preludes show the parents their new show for the next season. I was a prelude for five years which is a really long time, but that’s what happens when you audition at 8 years of age. 3 of the 5 years, I was also in the company. For my last year of Preludes and then on I’ve been choreographing numbers for the show. So needless to say, Preludes and I have a long history together. Not to mention my sister was a prelude for three years before me, when I would watch most of her shows.

Well for this season’s Prelude Show, “The Envelope Please”, I choreographed All that Jazz, King of New York, and Matchmaker. All that Jazz was a joy to teach. I used my original choreography for the first section with two soloist girls doing a Fosse inspired theatre dance duet and then the second half was the original Fosse choreography modified for the different levels and ages.

This group of prelude’s ages range from 8-14 years of age. I was about 11 when I was first exposed to the Fosse style so it was very exciting to share my love and knowledge of it to them. The exceeded all expectation I gave them with picking up the style and I was very proud of them all.

So I’ve been to many many Prelude Wrap Up/Kick Off shows, and I must say that this performances was by far the best one yet. The overall quality of the show was amazing. The kids sang beautifully, danced with grace and strength. Seeing them perform with so much maturity made me so proud. Mackenzie belting out Superboy and totally capturing emotions far beyond her years, Sabrina nailing every style of dance she was given, Avery performing all her numbers and making me tear up how she’s grown up… Bria, Molly, Kennedy, Tara(s), Morgan, Isabella(s), Maggie, Kristen, Jenna… I just remember them as little party girls and ginger children in Nutcracker and now they’re all grown up. I look at what great performers they’ve all become and can only imagine what they’ll be like in only just a few years.

Keep up the work, Preludes. You are wonderfully talented kids and I’ve so enjoyed working with you all these years!



4 comments on “The Preludes- The Future of the Arts

  1. Thank you! I had so much fun learning from you.

  2. BDK says:

    And now, you’ve made ME tear up! That pic of Aves truly captures how much she’s grown…she’s definitely following in the steps of her big sis, CC!! Great re-cap and GREAT show!!

  3. Leah says:

    I haven’t seen the show (i really need to though) but I’m loving the plain black it’s simple and I think it looks better than a costume!

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