Little Letters

photo credit: cara shanks

Dear Family, I’m sorry I play the Radio City DVD at least once every day and getting Christmas songs stuck in all of our heads.

Dear Max, I’m so jealous that you’re in New York without me, seeing awesome shows and eating at great restaurants. i miss you.

Dear Maggie, thanks for our girls night. I had so much fun!

Dear September, I can’t wait to see you, even though i’m a tad bit nervous for you.

Dear Ashley, when should we have our Tokyo Bowl date?

Dear Anthropologie, Modcloth, Shop Ruche, and Urban Outfitters, if i had more money I would buy so much more stuff from yall.

Dear Tummy troubles, go away.

Dear New York, I miss you. (doesn’t that sound like a movie title?)

Dear Taza, You are so lucky to be in Paris. Hope you’re having a lovely time.

Dear Lady bird, how are the babies? I’m sure they’re flying now. Wish I could see them!

Dear Kate Chappell, I love you!

Dear You, I love you too!



One comment on “Little Letters

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