Leaving home

I love New York. I’ve visited there every summer since I was 13 for several weeks at a time. I’ve always known that I want to live there. It was clear to me from the moment I stepped into Times Square for the first time. At the end of every trip to NY, I’ve always felt like, “Well this was fun, but its time for me to go back to Houston!” But at this last trip, I really didn’t feel that. Something had changed. New York had become my real true home. I know it’ll officially be soon. But in my heart, I really wanted to stay. More than I had ever felt. If I hadn’t had priorities here in Houston I probably would have just stayed!! It was so hard leaving my new, true home.

I’m so incredibly lucky. I’m a Radio City Rockette at 18. I’m moving to New York. I’m going to have a white Christmas.

I’m enjoying my time in Houston for the remainder of the summer. I’m learning to drive thanks to my awesome Brother-in-Law. We’re doing Singin in the Rain at RAFA and Travis and Ashley are awesome. All my family will be together in a few weeks and i can’t wait. When Max gets back we’re having Thanksgiving! Its not so bad being back in Houston.

But I just miss home. And Max.



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