The Amahzing Seth Rudetsky

Here’s another fun run-into-a-star-story from my last New York trip last month.

It was right after the first cut for Rockettes (which was the most nervous I had been the entire audition process.) I was beyond beyond excited to make the first cut! So they told those who made the cut to come back in two hours. I decided to go run through Time Square to find somewhere to eat. Well who else do I see but the irrepressible, Seth Rudetsky. I’ve shared some of his deconstructions on this blog before so some of you may already be a little familiar with his brilliance. Here’s a vid of him deconstructing Idina’s amazing vocals. (Since all you fellow Gleeks are seeing her right now, I thought I’d post her vid of his!)

So when I ran into him he was so beyond nice. Told him what a fan of his I was and how I watch his vlogs and have read both of his books. I got a pic with him but he didn’t approve of the first and made us take a second pic! Such a great and talented man… I hope I get to see one of his chatterbox sessions while I’m in NY this summer.



One comment on “The Amahzing Seth Rudetsky

  1. Ashlyn says:

    What an exciting day that was!

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