Happy Anniversary to me!

So a year ago today, I was sitting in Kenzie’s room with her and we were looking through Richard Calmes’ amazing dance photography on his website. I turned to her and said, “Hey Kenz, you wanna do a photoshoot!” She replied with her glowing smile, “Sure, CC!” So I grabbed my mom’s camera, we hopped in her car, and drove to my favorite park 5 minutes away. 75 frames later, we were giggling with delight. Unbeknownst to me, that day would be the first of many more photoshoots I would have. I look back on this past year… I’ve taken over 50 outdoors shoots, gotten a new lens, worked with my favorite photographer, and learned so so much about light, color, symmetry, beauty, nature, and love.

Today I photographed Natalie, Max, Devin, Travis, and Cara in Galveston and I have to say it was one of my favorite shoots I’ve done so far. Between the setting and the dancers it was beautiful and it was a wonderful way to celebrate today!

One comment on “Happy Anniversary to me!

  1. Shoelie says:

    in LOVE with it already!

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