Things I’m Thinking

Things I’m Thinking

-Fried Egg Sandwiches are the best.

-I’m about to celebrate my one year anniversary of being a photographer.

-I’m not sure who will be more disappointed about Rockettes if I don’t get it; me or everyone else?

-Lately I’ve been wanting to go on a picnic.

-Travis’s yellow brick road design on my WOZ pictures is awesome. can’t wait to show it to everyone!

-It’s only been two weeks and I miss NY so much.

-Our intermediate school sisterhood reunion was so much fun. Its so nice to see that the four of us haven’t changed very much.

-Secrets are no fun to keep to yourself!

-I really need to get my holga film from last summer produced…

-I miss the grease gang. So many fun memories from our guest house hang outs!

-Is it sad that the main reason I want to go swimming is because I want to show off my Anthro bathing suits?

-Soco Slide show is gonna rrrroooocccckk!!!!!!!!

-Why have my blog stats gone down? Am I loosing some of you?



One comment on “Things I’m Thinking

  1. Ginameister says:

    Not losing me anytime soon. A little thing called NYC is calling to the both of us ;D
    Gah! That was so so so so much fun. We need to do it again SOON!!! I love you!!

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