A New Set of Little Letters

Dear Cast and Crew of Grease, have a fantastic opening! I’m so excited to get an audience in. We have a great show and I’m so proud of us all.

Dear Proffesional Theatre, if this is what you feel like, I’m beyond excited for my career to begin.

Dear me, you’re going to be in NY next week!!!

Dear MacKenzie and Cornelius, you two are too much fun. Love yall!

Dear you, come to Grease. Call 281-480-1617 or visit http://www.bahbt.org for tickets. Watch this too.

Dear Bobby and BJ (my dogs), thank you for always being happy to see us when we get home. I love seeing your wagging tails after a long and tiring day.

Dear J Pam and Jacqueline Kopra, thank you for capturing photos during dress rehearsals. I’m having a blast onstage, but do miss taking some photos.

Dear Mommy, thanks for always giving me cute costumes. You spoil me rotten. I hope I don’t complain when people other than you start costuming me!

Dear Avery and Emmaline, it was lovely chatting with you on Skype today. I miss you both so much!

Final Thoughts, Come see Grease this weekend. It is gonna be loads of fun. I promise you will love love love it!

Love, CC


One comment on “A New Set of Little Letters

  1. Ashlyn says:

    I need a new purse when you go to NY next week!

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