Car rides

Yesterday I had part I of my photoshoot with Rose. We got lost so many times that by the time we got to a photo worthy place, we didn’t have much light eft. Therefor their will be a part II to her shoot. Since we had lots of time in the car. We talked about everything! But on the way home, the main focus of conversation was Kenzie. We talked about the accident, what little I remember, the funeral, Cara’s tribute piece, the vocal concert, memories… Pretty much everything Kenzie related. (We were stuck in a lot of traffic so we had lots of time to talk.) The care that Rose drives is the exact same model as the car Kenzie drove us in. Memories from car rides flooded my mind. I remember when Kenzie would take us home after a long day of rehearsal, she would always take the longest way to get home so we would have more time to talk or to blare out our favorite songs. They’re all such very fond memories…

Rose is such a dear friend. During RDA I had a few breakdowns and she was always there beside me to scratch my back and tell me everything was aright. There was a girl at RDA that we all agreed looked a lot like Makenzie. She was in the IBC piece with Aaron and Travis. Rose, Madi, and I asked Aaron if we could be introduced to her. Close to tears we all went up to the girl, Carlie, and said hello. She was so sweet to let us hug her. As I hugged her I honestly wasn’t going to let go if she hadn’t pulled away.

Yesterday Rose and I talked about how Makenzie will always be apart of us, no matter where we go or what we do. I know that with all my heart. Its just in those breakdowns I have when I miss her warm smile and glittery eyes.


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