RDA Part 3: Performances

This year at RDA our company performed Travis’ “Dearly Departed”, my “A Day in the Life of a PrimaDiva”, and Luis’, “Ensuenos.” I thought we were very well represented; we showed that we could do contemporary, theatre tap, pointe tap, classical ballet, and neo classical. I was very proud to be a representative for BAHBT.

The cast of “Dearly Departed” minus Travis (he was busy doing his hair!)

My Piece closed Act II of Emerging Night and it was one of the best times we had ever done it. I was so happy with the way it went and was so proud of my cast.

This is clip of the number when it was performed at our Adjudication in February.

On Gala night, we performed Ensuenos next to last in the show. I was extremely nervous… I don’t know why though… anyways, the number went so well and we (including Luis!) were all very pleased.

Here’s a pic of Heather, Dev, and Cara backstage getting ready.

One comment on “RDA Part 3: Performances

  1. Vanessa Garner says:

    Congrats Caitlin and Co!!!!! Terrific job! Adorable and perfect……LOVED it!!!

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