Focus Comparisons

Today I was feeling well enough to go take barre for day class. My doctor told me I can do what I can but when I get tired, I need to sit down. Once plie’s started I could already tell; things were going to be hard to get back into. I’m quite determined though!

So after barre I sat myself down in the front and began to watch center. Naturally I pulled out my camera and started taking some photos. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I find watching dance classes just as fun as being in them. You can learn so much just by watching. As I clicked away on my camera I listened to the corrections and comments Mr. Luis made. I turned my camera to him and started to take pictures of him as he talked. What he was saying went something like this, “Not everything happens the way we want it. That’s why we always have to fight it. It’s all matter of focusing. If we continue to focus on what we want, we will get it.” As he said this it I started thinking about the comparison between dance and photography. Just like Luis said for dance, in photography its important to focus. By focusing on the selected objection, the image wanted is created. If I were not to focus on the object properly, I won’t get that image that I want. Instead I’ll get a blurry photo. With dancing, if we don’t focus on the way we should execute a step or position, the chances of what we want happening are slim to none. Even if the image isn’t fully in focus or the dance step isn’t fully perfected it is still enough to encourage us to try again and focus some more.


One comment on “Focus Comparisons

  1. lilmisshale says:

    Thats a really good comparison!

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