A Song for Makenzie

Everyone at BAHBT remembers Makenzie as the dainty ballerina but only a few of us got to hear sing. Her beautiful voice was one of the many talents that made her such a special girl. ‘A Song for Makenzie’ is our way of remembering her voice.

Join us for, “A Song for Makenzie”, a vocal concert of contemporary and classic music in memory of Makenzie Stocker. The songs for the evening are all ones that were loved by Makenzie and music that make us think of her. The performers are Jason Allen Broussard Jr., Caitlin Cannon, Sean Jackson, Kristin Massa, Anna Rigby, and Alex Segura. The performance will be held on Saturday, March 27th at 7:30 pm at the Royal Academy of Fine Art’s Oliver Theatre. All proceeds of the night will go to the Makenzie Rebekah Stocker Scholarship with the Bay Area Houston Ballet & Theatre. Tickets are $10. For information and tickets contact the BAHBT Office (281)-480-1617.

I really hope everyone can come. It’ll be a wonderful night for those who knew and loved Kenzie or those who just want to hear some great music.

Love you all,



2 comments on “A Song for Makenzie

  1. This made me cry this morning, Caitlin. 🙂 Thank you for remembering her this way.
    Mrs. S

  2. Ashlyn says:

    Such a good idea. Wish we could be there! See you soon though!

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