Little Letters

Dear mommy, thank you for always telling me you’re proud of me. i love you so much and so proud of you too!

Dear summer, i can’t wait to see you!

Dear facebook, i don’t like how in the new layout there isn’t a toolbar at the bottom with a short cut for photos. such a hassle getting to it now.

Dear little Kaitlyn in Music Man, one day i’m gonna create a monologue from the things you say. You are too funny!

Dear Tex Mex, we’re through.

Dear friends from fresh year and intermediate,  miss you all. especially my “sisterhood.”

Dear Travis and Ashley (who probably don’t read my blog… yet…), I’ve had [tos] stuck in my head all day thanks to y’all. Oh, and i have a feeling we’re going to get a long really well!

Dear church family, thanks for coming out tonight and supporting me and Steven. y’all did a great job of cheering us on (and lovingly embarrass us.)

Dear New York, i wanna be a part of you.

Dear me, relax. breathe. enjoy. love.

Dear you, 1) see music man 2) you’re awesome for reading this!

love always,



3 comments on “Little Letters

  1. Ashlyn says:

    Dear Caitlin, I really wish I could be there to see your shows. Love ya!

  2. Gina says:


    Sisterhood sleepover during spring break??? eh? I dig.

  3. Travis says:

    Ha! I just happened upon this. And guess who DID read your blog yet!? And consider this my “your welcome” for getting [tos] stuck in your head. It’s a blessing.

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