Birthday in Review

I had a marvelous 18th birthday!

I wasn’t too thrilled that I was going to perform on my birthday, but it turned out to be quite a fun day!

Since I didn’t really get to see Nikki much on my birthday, she came to the theatre the night before and surprised me with 18 balloons and a bag filled with 18 little gifts. She’s so clever! I love her!!

Mom, Nat, Crazy Aunt Cheryl, Max and I went and had a yummy lunch at Villa Capri.

That night we opened Cinderella and i waved my magic wand around as the Fairy Godmother.

After the show show i had the gang over for cake, ice cream, and presents! (note my lovely stage make up and messy hair!)

There was one thing i really wanted to do on my birthday and that was to go through the intersection. i’ve been through only once before since june 3 and i really wanted to see it again, mainly because I wanted to see the cross some of kenzie’s school friends had put up (pictured above.) I went with my mom and Max after lunch and I think i was more nervous this time than the first time i went through. Not only is it scary but in some way I feel so safe when I’m in that intersection and around it. I feel so connected to Makenzie there. I’m not saying that I believe her spirit is there or anything. I mean that… It was in that very intersection where I saw her, spoke to her, heard her laugh, saw her smile, saw her texting… all for the last time. As I went through it this time i tried to imagine what those moments were like right up to the accident and in so many ways how I wish i could remember. after we had gone through the intersection max told me i could let it out, and of course i did. with tears streaming down my face driving away, i realized i never even once turned my head to see the cross on the side of the road, which was the whole reason for me wanting to go! I guess I’ll just have to go again soon. i miss her so much. going to the intersection was my way of making her apart of my 18th birthday, something we had talked about for a long time.



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