Final Push

Usually after a performance weekend we are given the day off. But not this time… You see, we need to prepare for adjudication which is on THURSDAY! The fun never ends. We all arrived for day class today and it looked like we we were all about to faint. January was such a hectic and stressful month with trying to get Cinderella and adjudication set so now that we pushed our way through Cinderella, most of our energy is just about gone.

One thing dance has taught me is that you can always find energy to just push a little bit harder to make it to the end.  When you think you can’t do anymore you find just a some ounce of energy and strength to finish it. I’ve tried to apply this to my non-dance life (i know, i actually have one). sometimes i feel like i just can’t go on or that i don’t have the energy to make it. but then this thought pops into my head, “life is good. why are you being dramatic?”

Life is so good. Im 18 and an adult. My family is in good health and loves me so much. I’m getting payed to do what I love. I’m in love with my best friend. I have friends that, even though they are far away, care about me so much and call me up just to check on me. I’m moving to New York before the year ends to pursue my dreams. God has blessed me with talents and people that help me see the beauty in day to day things.

Even though some pretty crappy things have happened in my life, i know that they are just challenges that I need to learn from. you can always take something out of every situation you are in. As i make this final push for adjudication (both mentally and physically) i know that come Friday i will have a sense of accomplishment and that from here on out things will be a little more calm.



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