RDA pieces

I’m so happy to announce that my piece will be performing at Emerging Night at RDA, closing the 2nd Act. I’m so proud of my dancers who looked amazing and I can’t wait for us to perform it again!

photo by mike gladu

Travis’ piece was also picked for Emerging and Luis’ was picked for Gala.

Not only am i particularly excited about all the classes and shows this year, but Richard Calmes (my favorite photographer) will be shooting RDASW again this year!!!!!


Night Owl

Most people know that I’m a major night owl. I post my photos on Facebook till 2AM. I work on a slideshows. Watch a movie. Work on a script for one of the current shows I’m doing. Surf Itunes… you name it. I like getting things done at night. I’ve always been this way but more so since June 3rd.

I’ve found that night times are always the hardest for me emotionally. Its in those quiet moments that my brain starts to spin with thoughts and regrets and all the sad feelings I had last summer. In keeping myself busy late at night, I finally exhaust myself so I can simply just doze off.

I do that most of the time.

But every so often I don’t. Instead of hiding, i try facing all the tears. And its hard. So hard.

I am so beyond lucky. I could’ve easily died June 3rd. Just thinking about that is a lot to handle. Life means something completely different now. I’m trying to embrace everyone and everything and not waste a second.

When I explain to people what happened at the intersection, in the hospital, etc. I can’t really give a full description. I can only go off of what people have told me. That frustrates me so much. I’m so blessed to not remember that accident and any of the immediate physical pain i was in. But not having my own recollections hurts me because it makes it seem like none of it had ever happened. Don’t worry though. I know it did.

I know that Makenzie was such a good friend to me and I will cherish my memories of her. I know that no matter what, God is there for me. I know that time heals everything. I know that I’m a stronger and better person now. I know that I was kept on this earth for a reason. And I’m going to live every day to the fullest trying to find out what that reason is.

So in those quiet moments some nights when i decide to face my tears and fears, I think about how precious life is. Sometimes things may not be ideal, but I’ve learned that by dealing with it head on is sometime the only way to see clearly again.

Thanks for reading. I love you all!


101 things to do in 1001 days

i’ve started my list but its a lot harder than it looks… here’s what i got so far:

1)   go to my first professional audition ROCKETTES AUDITION  04/29/10

2)   learn to cook  COMPLETED WINTER OF 2010 (I can’t do much but at least I’m not afraid of an oven anymore!)

3)   move to new york SEPTEMBER 2010

4)   find some sweet sunglasses that don’t make me look like I have bug eyes BOUGHT 04/05/10

5)   watch every episode of a tv series 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN, COMPLETED 05/25/11

6)   find feather fabric and make a dress out of it  COMPLETED 04/10/10

7)   learn to do a cartwheel

8)   learn to drive RECIEVED PERMIT

9)    turn 18 CHECK! COMPLETED 02/05/10

10)  turn 19 CHECK! COMPLETED 02/05/11

11)  graduate from high school

12)  take a ballroom dancing class

13)  take a trip out of the country Paris SUMMER OF ’11

14)   start selling prints of my photographs

15)   read a really good book A CREATIVE HABIT BY TWYLA THARP, COMPLETED 04/12/10

16)   take a hip hop class

17)   go on a vacation for fun DISNEYWORLD SEPT. ’11

18)   get equity points (equity card would be nice too!) URBAN COWBOY SUMMER OF ’11

19)   spend an entire day in central park

20)  learn to ride a bike

21)   eat fried oreos TOKYO BOWL W/ NIKKI JUNE ’11

22)   attend an opening night of a broadway show

23)  throw a penny in a fountain and make a wish GALLERIA EN POINTE” PHOTOSHOOT, COMPLETED 06/11/10

24)   organize a picnic

25)   keep up with my show journal

26)   have max teach me the “Kirov snap” and properly do it I’VE DONE IT ONCE SO I THINK THAT COUNTS…

27)   get a facial COMPLETED 06/15/10

28)   not use my iphone for a whole week

29)   go to a concert (and no, a broadway related concert doesn’t count!) DR. DOG, COMPLETED 05/02/10

30)  ride a horse

31)  see a chiropractor FOR MY BACK, COMPLETED 03/10

32)  take my dogs on a walk twice a week for a month

33)  stop ripping my nails

34)   make a list of 101 things that make me happy COMPLETED 03/03/10

35)  back up all my photos on an external hard drive COMPLETED

36)   visit the zoo again COMPLETED JULY ’11

37)   make max laugh twice a day HE SAYS I COMPLETED THIS 🙂

38)   write down my “Makenzie Memories”

39)   go to a high school sports game while “still in high school”

40)   write a poem “TOMORROW”, COMPLETED 04/16/10

41)   write on my blog 3X a week COMPLETED

42)   complete a book of Sudoku

43)  buy flowers to put in my NY apartment once a month COMPLETED

44)  wear lipstick more in “real life” not just on stage COMPLETED (as recognized by Amanda Gladu) 03/10

45)   get my headshot taken and create a resume BOTH COMPLETED 04/26/10

46)    visit the intersection COMPLETED 02/05/10 (and many times since)

47)   go to the beach with a huge hat COMPLETED April 2011

48)   take a photography class

49)   watch the original star wars movies

50)   go to Disneyland or Disneyworld again COMPLETED, WORLD W/ DAD SEPT. ’11

52)   get a skin for my laptop

53)   buy the UP soundtrack COMPLETED 5/23/10

54)   visit coney island

54)   memorize Ulla’s full name in “The Producers”

55)   figure out a way to properly store my headbands, any suggestions? (they get squished all the time in my dresser drawer)

56)   buy a romper

57)   find some good tennis shoes that I like (I’m not a tennis shoe girl) THANKS TO NIKKI! COMPLETED JULY ’11

57)   update my CC Photography fan page on FB COMPLETED 05/10

58)  get a logo for CC Photography and use it as a watermark (hint hint… travis…) COMPLETED December 2010

59)  eat on a sidewalk cafe in NY COMPLETED May 2011

60)  get a new layout for the blog THANKS JEFFY! AUGUST ’11

61)   see Roberto Bolle (my new favorite male dancer) perform

62)  leave a nice anonymous note for someone (it could be you!)

63)  go into Bloomingdales and try on the most expensive piece of clothing I can find

64)  sit in a tv audience

65)  attend a show reading

66)  ride in the back of a truck

67)  have a snow fight in central park

68) play in the sprinklers

69) register to vote

70) be a redhead for at least a day  (thoughts?) COMPLETED!! FEBRUARY 2011, Never going back! At least not for a while! I love being a ginger!!!

71) sit on a fire escape and reflect

72) go skydiving

73) be kissed in the rain

74) have my very own King Charles Spaniel

75) put together my photography portfolio

76) Take a ride on a train.

77) Take a ride in a hot-air balloon.

78) get a decent photo with Sutton Foster (the one I have was right after the accident… let’s just say worst photo of me ever!)

79) take a photo for every hour in a 24 hour period.

80) write a fan letter

81) Actually get a tan (for me that seems impossible, but i’m gonna make it happen!)

82) See a midnight showing of a movie

83) Visit a museum THE MET WITH G AND MAX MAY ’11

84) Watch a sunrise

85) master at least 7 chords on my uke

86) treat myself to a candlelit bubble bath

87) go to a drive in movie

88) buy a whole bunch of candy and get a sugar high


Come Dance with Me

(Sorry for my lack of posts!)

Max and I performed at his Grandma’s building last week.

Silly me forgot the CD at the studio but fortunately the stereo system there had a place for an iPhone hook up, i had my iphone hook up with me, and the iPhone has iTunes on it so I could buy the song.

Despite the minor temporary set back, we performed and had a lot of fun!

Enjoy the video of it below:


I’m currently on the search for this:

I know what you’re thinking. If you have a pic with it, why did’t you buy it?

Well… I wanted to buy it but max talked me out of it to try to help me save money. So I took a picture of it so I could document its cuteness in hopes of buying it someday. I broke the number 1 rule in shopping: if it speaks to you, you should buy it!! I went back to find it and they were sold out. Went online to their store, sold out. Anyone no where I can find this cute cheshire cat laplander?? (and yes i have already googled it)


Birthday in Review

I had a marvelous 18th birthday!

I wasn’t too thrilled that I was going to perform on my birthday, but it turned out to be quite a fun day!

Since I didn’t really get to see Nikki much on my birthday, she came to the theatre the night before and surprised me with 18 balloons and a bag filled with 18 little gifts. She’s so clever! I love her!!

Mom, Nat, Crazy Aunt Cheryl, Max and I went and had a yummy lunch at Villa Capri.

That night we opened Cinderella and i waved my magic wand around as the Fairy Godmother.

After the show show i had the gang over for cake, ice cream, and presents! (note my lovely stage make up and messy hair!)

There was one thing i really wanted to do on my birthday and that was to go through the intersection. i’ve been through only once before since june 3 and i really wanted to see it again, mainly because I wanted to see the cross some of kenzie’s school friends had put up (pictured above.) I went with my mom and Max after lunch and I think i was more nervous this time than the first time i went through. Not only is it scary but in some way I feel so safe when I’m in that intersection and around it. I feel so connected to Makenzie there. I’m not saying that I believe her spirit is there or anything. I mean that… It was in that very intersection where I saw her, spoke to her, heard her laugh, saw her smile, saw her texting… all for the last time. As I went through it this time i tried to imagine what those moments were like right up to the accident and in so many ways how I wish i could remember. after we had gone through the intersection max told me i could let it out, and of course i did. with tears streaming down my face driving away, i realized i never even once turned my head to see the cross on the side of the road, which was the whole reason for me wanting to go! I guess I’ll just have to go again soon. i miss her so much. going to the intersection was my way of making her apart of my 18th birthday, something we had talked about for a long time.


“If you ever loose your mind, I’ll be kind”

Last night we had a lock-in up at dance hosted by SoCo. We played so many fun games, i can’t even begin to describe them all. I went crazy with the camera as I documented a very fun night. I highly recommend spending lots of time with your friends. It feels so good to laugh your head off, play stupid games, sing at the top of your lungs, and eat yummy food.

My lovely “Spongebob” team

It wouldn’t be a party without Aaron and Co. dancing Single Ladies

Kelsey showing us her talent in the talent show.


Playing, “Baby I love you but i just can’t smile” One of my personal favorites.

doesn’t max look very handsome in his grey fedora? it was his valentines gift.

spend time with your friends. your smile will thank you!