adolesce – become adolescent; pass through adolescence

photo cred: max isaacson

“Time to doubt

To break out

Its a mess

Time to grow

Time to go


To young to take over

To old to ignore”

In less than a week I will be 18 years old. I’ve been looking forward to being 18 for as long as I can remember but now that its so close i cant believe it. I’ve gained so much life experience in these last 17 years namely surviving a car accident, living on my own for short periods of time, surgeries, bad relationships, death of close friends and family… Most of which all happened within the past year… All this makes me wonder, what do the years ahead of me hold? Knowing that I was able to get through the challenges that I’ve had makes me feel ready for anything that may come my way.

The quote above is from one of my favorite shows, A Chorus Line. First off, DON’T watch the movie version. Secondly, if you haven’t seen it try to catch the current tour. I saw it when it came through Houston and (even though i have very high expectations for this show) i thought this cast did fairly well. Thirdly, you should go rent and/or buy the movie, “Every Little Step”, which documents the casting process of the recent Broadway Revival of the show. I’ve always particularly liked the Montage Sequence in the show. Each character describes making that transition into adulthood… what I’m going through right now. Ever since I was young I could tell i had a lot of maturity for my age but i’m now getting to the point where i’m actually becoming an adult. i’m not just acting like one. its a scary and exhilarating thought. knowing i don’t have very much longer in my teens is crazy. i feel like i just turned 13 yesterday.

i guess my theme for this blog entry is no matter how old you are to just enjoy your age. Embrace it and enjoy your life. Each day we can find amazing things.

thats all for now…




3 comments on “adolesce – become adolescent; pass through adolescence

  1. Vanessa Garner says:

    Beautiful picture and terrific post. I saw ACH for the first time when I was about 7 years old at the “Music Hall” in Houston…the only thing I could take away from it at that point was the mirrors and how striking they were and the words to Dance 10 Looks 3 (if you know what I mean) 🙂

    I LOVE that I can go back at any point in my life and that show means so many different things to me at different’s a classic….keep watching it…the meanings will change.

    You are on the biggest cusp of your life…enjoy….remember….you will conquer. Good luck…we are all rooting for you!

  2. Madi Gladu says:

    Every Little Step is playing in the living room as i write this. I love you my dear.

  3. M-egg burp-n says:

    You’re exquisite. You are beautiful in every possible way and that will never change, no matter how much you believe it. All the time in the world wouldn’t diminish the effect you have on people. You shine. Love you! 🙂

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