Little Letters

dear mommy, thank you for being so patient with me.

dear humidifier, you are a life saver!

dear luis, you’re the best for giving us the day off today. my body much appreciates it!

dear pointe shoes, you know i’ve worn you too much when you’re more comfortable to wear than regular ballet shoes.

dear iphone, thank you for recording my voice lessons so i can go back and listen to how i “actually” sound and not how i think i sound.

dear sisters,  you’re little c squared is turning 18 soon. weird, right?

dear 500 days of summer, i think you’re one of my new favorite movies.

dear zooey deshannel, can i have your closet?

dear weather, see what you can do about getting me some nice cloudy skies and slightly warmer temperatures so i can do a dance photoshoot. its been a month since i’ve shot outside.

dear itunes, why are some of your songs starting to cost $1.29? rip off!

dear seminary, i’ll be back soon. miss you.

dear glee, i strongly dislike that i have to wait till APRIL to see you again.

dear me, be nice to yourself. Remember, that was a goal for this year.

dear you, hope i haven’t bored you.



(little leters was inspired by rockstar naomi)


One comment on “Little Letters

  1. Ashlyn says:

    You’ve been acting like you were 18 since you were 4!

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