Highlights Finale

I’m ready to finish these highlights, because the break’s been over for almost 2 weeks and i’m ready to start back with regular blogging. Here’s the grand finale of my break highlists.

On the Morning of New Years Eve, my dear friend, Cara did a Photoshoot of ME! She’s insisted on taking pictures of me for quite some time but only when I felt “camera ready”. So that morning, in the crazy fog and cold temperatures we took some cute photos. Cara did and excellent job and i did my best at the whole modeling thing. I had a great time, but decided that i still felt much more natural behind the camera! Here are my three favorites.

For New Years Eve night we played games, ate yummy food, and goofed around with Avery. I’ve neglected to mention that Avery was quite smitten with Max and he with her! She’d alway pick up my phone and say, “Let’s call my Max!” Only 2 1/2 years old and she’s already flirting with my boyfriend!


One comment on “Highlights Finale

  1. Ashlyn says:

    It may not feel natural, but you look great in front of the camera!

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