Getting the Room Clean

I’m a fairly clean and organized person EXCEPT for when it comes to my bedroom. Today I’ve been spending the day cleaning it and getting rid of things. Thanks to my lovely iTunes my “Cleaning Room Playlist” has really helped a lot! This song has been played the most:

Great song, right?!

I won’t show you a before picture, but maybe I’ll post an after photo! No promises though… 😉



2 comments on “Getting the Room Clean

  1. kingaaron says:

    how could you possibly resist the urge to do sit ups while listening to that song? i cannot

  2. Amanda Gladu says:

    it makes me feel so good, every time i think about youuuu, all of the heat of my desire smoking like some crazy fire. LOOK AT ME HERE I AM, WHERE I STAND, cant you see my heart burning in my hand? Do you love me, do you not, does it feel cold baby does it feel hot?

    andddd rest.

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