Post Nutcracker Activities

This pic of Devin I took during Nutcracker is kind of how I’ve been feeling since the shows been over. We got one day off after our last show than it was back to class. My body is aching and hurting but thank goodness for the Epson Salts my Secret Santa gave me. Secret Santa, you are awesome.

Speaking of Santa…DuckDuckDana is doing a little ditty over at her blog where you can write a letter to Santa and she’ll post it on her blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s letters. I’ve been working on mine and will send it to her soon.

But since Nutcrackers been done I’ve been able to really spend time with loved ones and enjoyed all the wonderful festivities. I’ve bought and wrapped presents, listened to wonderful Christmas songs, and finally put up my family’s collection of Nutcrackers on the fireplace mantel. Plus I got my nails done (word to the wise: wait till after you’ve doe all your shopping to get your nails done), bangs cut, and my ears pierced.

For upcoming activities I have:

-BanB holiday party

-Galleria shopping with my boy

-slumber party with Nikki, Nat, and Avery

-hopefully getting to see all my college friends that are home

-watch Elf

What are your current holiday activities you find so enjoyable?



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