Warm Fuzzies

Photo by me from Natalie and Ryan’s shoot the morning after it snowed.

-Seeing snow outside while dancing the Nutcracker

-Taking photos of my sister and bro-in-law and seeing how in love they are

-Hearing my niece say, “I loooove you, Aunt C-ia”

-Makenzie memories

this song

-cuddling underneath my sheets on a cold rainy morning


-having amazing, surreal days

-seeing my Secret Santa’s reaction to their gift

-wearing my scarf my Secret Santa gave me (I LOVE IT! Thank you, whoever you are.)

-opening new doors that have always been there

-performing Spanish with my dears, Anna and Kate

-when a little kid tells me i was their favorite part of the show

-the holiday season and all its wonderfulness

happy holidays everyone! enjoy the wondefulness of this time of year.



One comment on “Warm Fuzzies

  1. Amanda Gladu says:


    your faaaave persona! : )

    Because I enjoy seeing you.

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