Young Woman in Excellence

At my church we had a night where we honor all of the young woman in our ward and their accomplishments throughout the past year. It was a beautiful night and I loved being there to share it with all of the other girls. We 5 seniors (Heather, Isabelle, Analiese, Becky, and myself) were also recognized that night.

As they presented our gifts to each of us it really hit me: I’M A SENIOR! Crazy… In a year from now I will (hopefully) be living in New York. Just the thought of being out in the world on my own is so thrilling, scary, exciting, and I just can’t wait!

I love my faith.

I love my friends, family, and leaders.

I love life and all the many opportunities that lie before me.

Young Woman (and Young Men), we are so excellent!



2 comments on “Young Woman in Excellence

  1. Maggie says:

    I miss yall soooooooo much!

  2. Ashlyn says:

    You are most excellent!

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