My Little Mermaids

I said this on FB and I’ll say it again here: Makenzie truly inspires every shot I take. The first photo is one of Makenzie I took from her white dress shoot. She was like a dazzling mermaid on that water.

When it came time to start shooting my 100th album, Kate as the Little Mermaid was one of the first ideas I had and that photo of Makenzie was of course where I drew my inspiration from. I shot Kate on the exact same piece of cement that Makenzie sat on. I hadn’t been back there since the white dress shoot and as we arrived there I started to get a little teary eyed. It’s amazing just how much my photography has grown since then. I loved photographing Kenz. I’d like to thank her for helping me discover a new talent of mine, hopefully one I can continue to pursue.

Enjoy both photos of two dazzling ballerina mermaids!


P.S. Kate is Sugar Plum Fairy for the Breakfast this Saturday! For those of you who’ve ever been associated with BanB, you know how important that is. Congrats you beautiful red heard!


2 comments on “My Little Mermaids

  1. jamiesworldishere says:

    That is such a wonerful idea!!! What a good picture. You are so sweet!!!


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Aaw! That’s sweet! the mermaids are pretty! 🙂

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