The Last Time

On Sunday, the cast of YTMMID did an encore performance of the piece. We did it for Ms. Lynette (founder of BanB) who was in the hospital during the performance, Makenzie’s school friends who couldn’t attend the show because of their home coming dance, and anyone else who may have missed the show or wanted to see it again. We did it at the studio which is where Cara originally envisioned the dance.

Every time we’ve performed that dance its felt a little different. It’s hard to explain. Some parts are harder to get through emotionally during one run thru than another. On Sunday though, every part was particularly hard.  As we’d finish one step I couldn’t help but think, ‘That’s the last time I’ll ever do that.” I absolutely loved Aaron and I’s duet. I think I’ll miss that section the most. He and I have connected so much these past 23 weeks. We completely understand the emotions we both feel each day and are there for each other no matter what. Knowing that made our duet so meaningful for us.

After it was all over and we melted into the barres in the back for the final moments of the piece we of course were sobbing our eyes out. Right as the music finished of course what should happen? My stomach let out a giant noise!!! Aaron was the only one who could hear it. Through the crying we let out a few chuckles. It kinda reminded me of when I used to get really upset and Kenz would be comforting me she would make silly faces to cheer me which would always make me giggle. That little stomach growl made me realize Kenzie’s memories will always make me smile.

As sad as I am about the never getting to perform that piece again, I felt that Sunday’s performance had a lot of closure to it. It was the final release and letting go of some horrific emotions for me. When people ask me how I’m doing these days, I always reply with, “I’m taking things a day a time.” The days get easier and harder at the same time. I’m thankful for my friends, family, and faith that help get me through each week a little stronger. I love life. And I’m so glad I got share three years of it with my dear Makenzie.

Thanks for reading,



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