G’s Birthday Shindig

Friday night I had the loveliest time with G, Alice, and Gwen to celebrate G’s 18 Birthday!!

We went down to Discovery Green and watched the silent film, Pandora’s box, ran around a park pretending to do parkour, had a fun little photoshoot (of course),

then went back to G’s for some cake and hot chocolate.

G's shindig1

G's Shindig2

G's Shindig3

G's shindig4

Happy 18th, G! I can’t believe we’re getting old. I love that you’re the same beautiful, witty, intelligent person I met in 7th grade. I can’t wait till we’re roomies in NYC!!

Love you,



One comment on “G’s Birthday Shindig

  1. G says:

    Aw Caitlin!! It was SO fanstastic to see you at my birthday! I miss you tons so it was a nice little way to catch up. Your blog has become addictive fyi!
    Very cute photos of us all, made for a nice way to pass the time since Pandora’s Box was uber dull! And now, I know how to parkour. huzzah!

    Love you,

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