Recent Photoshoots

Over the Thanksgiving break I got to do a few shoots with some college friends who were home for the holiday. First one was with Queen Amanda assisted my King Aaron. Second one was with cutie pie Shelby. And third was with Maggie and her boyfriend Ethan. Here are some picks from the shoots.


Mustard, Mayo, and Catch Up

Where to start…

Well, we’ve been super busy with Nutcracker vignettes and rehearsals. I’ve been having a lot of “Senior Moments” where I suddenly realize, “This is my last SPF Breakfast” or “This is my last vignette” or “This is my last Nutcracker rehearsal”. Nutcracker has been such a huge part of life these past 14 years and I will miss it greatly. Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from vignettes and rehearsals.

Sugar Plum Fairy Breakfast

my future husband, will mason garner!

the traditional spf shot

Leah with her rockstar Bahbt buddies

Mall of the Mainland Vignette

Kate accidentally put on her tutu with the hanger still on. Gosh I love 5,6,7, Kate moments.

king and i in our pose

t-rav and i as arabian

Kemah Vignette

Mommy helping me with my SPF headpiece

i love my best friend. max and i rockin as spf and cavalier.


photo credit: max isaacson

Come out and see Bay Area Houston Ballet and Theatre’s The Nutcracker. Performances are December 5th,6th,12th,and 13th at 2pm and December 4th, 5th, 11th, and 12th and 7:30. For more info visit

Love you all so much,


There’s so much to be thankful for

-My Parents and Sisters

-My awesome brother-in-laws and my two adorable nieces

-My friends


-My other half, Aaron Wiggins

-Modern Medicine

-My Teachers

-Being a Senior

-Good food

-My talents


-My iPhone

-RAFA and the families there

-Church and the families there

-the power of prayer


-retail therapy

blogs i follow

-my room

-nice weather

-my dogs

-learning new things


-comfort from loved ones

-good books


-to live in America

-to be alive

That last one is the one i am most thankful for this thanksgiving. Having my life almost taken from  me 6 months ago has made me look at life in a different perspective. It’s so easy to take for granted all the things I have been blessed with. I’m so grateful that I can continue my journey through life and I look forward to all the many opportunities and experiences that are in my future. While talking with King A yesterday, we both agreed that everything happens for a reason and how we strongly believe that. Even though some of the things that happen suck, we have learned that there’s always something we’re supposed to learn.  I’ve learned from this past year you need to always be grateful for the people and things around you and to always let them know that you love them and to savor every moment of this wonderfu life, because it really is a wonderful life.

happy turkey day! what are you thankful for?

love ya,


To me, this is what Heaven sounds like

Hello blog readers. There were many of you who expressed interest in wanting to see Cara’s tribute piece for Kenzie, “You turned my mourning into dancing” and couldn’t attend the performances of it, but as I have previously stated, the piece will not be put online to see. But to give you a little taste of the dance, here’s a video set to the song used in the last section of the piece, what we called the heaven section. This a beautiful video of a bird trying hard to fly… a feeling that is all too familiar these days for me.

olive oil.