I like seeing improvement.

Improvement in my studies.

Improvement in my dancing.

And most importantly improvement in my healing.

I looked at my face today and for the first time in 21 weeks I didn’t hate my face. I looked at my left eye lid. its starting to smooth out. The bump on my eyebrow is barely visible. My scars are lighter than ever. My “new nose” still bothers me but i’m getting used to it.

I don’t go into my eye doc for another week, but I hope he’s happy with the healing. There is a possibility that I will have to have some more surgery done on my eye lid. I’m hoping to not have it, but whatever it takes is fine with me…

I go in to my scar plastic surgeon in December to talk more about scar revision.

I’m finally realizing that this physical state I’m in is only temporary and the waiting process of looking normal again has taken a turn for the better.

Most of all I’m just appreciative that time can heal anything and everything. Whether it be being behind in school or dance, or just trying to look normal again.

love to all. you are beautiful!



One comment on “Improvement

  1. Vanessa Garner says:

    Inspiring post 🙂

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