How I deal with my face

As many of you know, since the accident I’ve been very paranoid about my face. And when people tell me “You are still beautiful!” I’m very flattered, but until I convince myself, I won’t be satisfied. Yes, I know how worse things could be for me. One doctor check up a while back, the doctor that sewed my face back up in the ER told me “I’m just glad you have an eyebrow!” Those words ring through my ears every time I look in the mirror. I’m so grateful for the injuries I had and know that things will only get better over time as my scars continue to heal.

So here is how I deal with my face. First of all, I am SOOOO happy to start wearing make-up again. I’ve never been a big make-up girl, but i would occasionally but on some mascara and lip gloss. But it feels so nice to cover up my scars and look normal for a little bit. It makes me feel pretty. I never really felt this way about make-up before but now I’m so grateful to have it. My Bed Head base is my best friend (Shade #1 pictures above)

For about a month after the accident I couldn’t wash my faces because of all the open sores that were still healing. During that time my skin began to break out like crazy and its been so incredibly hard to get it cleared up since I’ve started washing my face again. My fabulous hair dresser/make up extraordinaire, Christina Delgado, recommended Mac’s Volcanic Ash. It’s a product of Mac’s that they only release once every two years. i use their Exfoliator and their Mask and i couldn’t be more in love. Its done wonders to my skin and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I would defiantly recommend it, but hurry and get it fast. They aren’t even selling it on their website anymore.

So yes. I know I’m beautiful and if you hear me complaining its only because I’m still getting used to my “new face”. I know that the most important part of me that has changed is my beauty inside. I’ve become stronger, more appreciative, and loving.

Love always,



One comment on “How I deal with my face

  1. tokyostargirl says:

    Thanks for sharing your story and so glad to hear that your inner beauty is shining through! =)

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