Leah Hale rocked it in her choir concert tonight!

Went and saw my “lil sis”, Leah, in her school’s choir concert tonight with my dearest Maxi Poo. She did beautifully 🙂

Yes Leah was beautiful and sung with gorgeous straight tone, but there was number in the show that I wanted to share my thoughts about. That would be the Les Miserables Medley. In my opinion, Les Mis music should ONLY be sung by theatre professionals, not young high school children. The music is so deep and meaningful that once you’ve heard it sung by someone with the appropriate maturity level and proper technique you can never again hear it sung by amateurs. The kids did a good job, but like i said… Just so hard to listen too once you’ve heard it the way it was supposed to be sung.

Here’s one of my favorite songs from the show sung by my favorite Fantine, Lea Salonga, who I had the great pleasure of meeting after seeing her in this role. She’s just as beautiful of a person as she is a performer.

Now ladies and gents, THAT’S how ya do it!

Lea SalongaMe with Lea Salonga after Les Mis. Don’t we look cute with our matching sunglasses?! And don’t I have the same almond shaped eyes?! lol, I’m such a geek.



2 comments on “Leah Hale rocked it in her choir concert tonight!

  1. karen hale says:

    It meant so much to Leah that you were there and the pastel roses were breathtakingly beautiful…what a special night….Thank you for being such a trusting friend to Leah.

  2. Leah says:

    I love you Caitlin!

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