Time to be a copy cat

So I’m going to copy King A who copied Dana (who I can’t believe got a blog and I’m just finding out about it). They created little “remember” lists.

Remember the time when we posed with yellow tulips?

Remember the time when we had blue company sweat suits and called ourselves Smurfs?

Remember when we wished we were the older people?

Remember that fun party where we tried not laugh by saying that we didn’t love someone three times?

Remember the time where we had that one teacher who couldn’t count to save their life?

Remember when we were planning your photoshoot?

Remember when we were Rats, Cooks, and Angels?

Remember those days when we danced at 8am Saturday mornings?

Remember how we changed clothes in a parking garage for a dance show?

Remember when I first saw you after the accident?

Remember the time when poncho’s were in?

Remember how beautiful Makenzie would always say “Awesome” when saying the prayer at circle?

Remember when you thought someone had cooties?

Remember your first best friend?

Remember the first time you cried yourself to sleep at night?

Remember to say I love you to the ones that mean a lot to you?

I really hope you do… I love you all.




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