Here to Happiness Returns

Awhile back when I first started this blog, I created my Here’s to Happiness list ala Naomi Davis. I found it a great way to express the little and big things that make me terribly happy. Since the accident my brain gets into a battle between the positive and the negative. Lately I’ve had to fight for the positive. Whenever I get those mean reds, I go through my happy list and I thought it was about time to share them.

Caitlin’s Here’s to Happiness List October ’09:

1) Eating iYogurt with friends

2) Pressing shuffle on my iPod

3) Performing Cara Shanks’ “You Turned my Mourning Into Dancing” with my Wiggins dear.

4) White Rose Petals and Yellow Tulips

5) Dance Photoshoots

6) Crazy leggings

7) Online shopping

8) Hugging

9) Talking to fellow Gleeks about the last episode.

10) “I love you”s

What makes you terribly happy? List your top 10 and let me know!

Love, CC


4 comments on “Here to Happiness Returns

  1. Ashlyn says:

    1) smiling babies
    2) two year olds dancing around in their underware
    3) chocolate covered strawberries
    4) skype
    5) “That will make a great blog post” moments
    6) teaching Avery a new ballet move
    7) Emma’s laughs
    8) planning my trip to DisneyWorld
    9) buying new scrapbook paper
    10) sleeping in until 7am

  2. lilmisshale says:

    1) animals (preferably cute ones)

    2) dancing

    3) watching Cara Shanks’ “You Turned my Mourning Into Dancing”

    4) sleeping in

    5) staying up late

    6) not having homework

    7) choir

    8) spending time with friends

    9) winter

    10) my bahbt buddies of course!

  3. lilmisshale says:

    why does number 8 make a “cool” face?

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