Yellow Tulips

where it all began

Yellow Tulips hold a special place in all of the hearts of the current  BAHBT company members, but most particularly with King Aaron and myself.

I’ve done some research on the meaning of this particular flower and here are a few things they symbolize:

1) cheerful thoughts

2) hopeless love

3) smile

4) sunshine

5) brightness of love

I also learned that the tulip is the third most popular flower (just another testament to why 3 is my lucky number!)

After the accident I was given many beautiful yellow flowers (pictured below). Being surrounded by all the bright flowers really helped cheer my thoughts up during those difficult first weeks.

Flowers from Kelly and Curtis (3)

Flowers from Max

Flowers from Baggetts and Kostas

Yellow makes me think of my sweet Kenzie and her glowing smile. She had one of those smiles that could really just brighten the most horrible of days. I’m so glad I can look through her photos and see it when ever I need her cheeriness.

My mom bought me some yellow tulips the other day and I’ve so enjoyed keeping them in my room. They bring me so much comfort. I will forever love yellow tulips.

There’s your random dose of Caitlin for the day.

Love and Laducas,





2 comments on “Yellow Tulips

  1. Elizabeth Fosdick says:

    That is so nice! Yellow flowers make everyone happy! I like the meaning of the yellow tulips.

  2. jamiesworldishere says:

    The first photo is so beautiful

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