These three boys

these three boysSo many people have brought so much joy to my life, particularly since the accident. From family members to friends. Church family. RAFA parents. Young children. And even strangers. It’s on days like today… where you think everything is ok and things are starting to lighten up, something happens to make everything go back again. I’ve been fighting back so many emotions and realized something… Why is it that million little things make us so happy when its the one upsetting thing that you dwell on all day long? As I try to look past that I think about all the million things that make me happy and these three boys came to mind.

Aaron, Travis, and Max are three very special boys to me. Not only do they make excellent stage partners but are the dearest of friends. It’s the little things they do for me each day that make everything seem ok.

I love you King Aaron, T-rav, and Maxi Poo!


photo credit: john gladu


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