Let me catch you up


Prelude Wrap-Up Show pulled itself together like always even though its so stressful hours before.

Started my school work for my senior year. Yikes!


Seminary started back today. I’ve missed it sooo much!!!!

Eye Doctor okayed wearing contacts now 🙂 He also told me I am healing beautifully (best adjective I’ve heard yet from him) and that I don’t have to see him again for a while month!

First Voice Lesson since the accident. Can’t wait to get back in the swing of things with Ms. Laney!


Choreographing my disco dance for the Chamber of Commerce event in late September. Ya baby!

Assisting Nut Call backs. Ooh who’s gonna be Clara?! Hmm….

Rafa on Bway Auditions on Sunday. Very much looking forward to getting to work on this.

Now ya know!



2 comments on “Let me catch you up

  1. Ashlyn says:

    Yeah for contacts and everything else!

  2. Elizabeth Fosdick says:

    I’m sorry the prelude wrap-ups were so stressful. Maybe I should have taught other people all your dances.

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