My Greek Love

Over the past year I’ve gotten to know the most amazing Greek Boy. I’ve watched him grow as a dancer and gotten to become a close and dear friend of his. I feel so honored to have spent time with this amazing individual.

He’s helped me overcome some many hard trials and made me smile like crazy.

We choreographed together for some amazing high school kids.

He taught me the basics for the Argentine Tango.

I got him addicted to the Cookies in Creme Candy Bar.

We loved to Swing Dance together (even if I tried to lead, hehehe).

He was an excellant model for my photoshoots.

I would always have him massage my sore muscles.

He learned how to play the Bo Bo Hand game.

We became the closest of friends…

I will miss you, Kostas. Have a wonderful time back home in Greece. I can’t wait to see you when you come back in November. SKYPE ME!





One comment on “My Greek Love

  1. lilmisshale says:

    awww 😦

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