So I know I didn’t get to review every week of the show on my blog but I did want to touch on the finale. To me it was the most disappointing top 4. I really thought Ade and Melissa should have been in the top 4. Melissa should have won. Out of the top 4 (Kayla, Jeannine, Brandon, Evan) I thought the only one who I thought should win was Kayla. She’s been my 2nd favorite dancer the entire season and I think she’s the most versatile dancer they’ve ever had on the show.

Evan was adorable and I loved how he was representing the MTs, but top 4… really????

I had a problem with Brandon from Day 1. He was a good dancer, no doubt, but I never saw him let go of his ego when he danced. Not fact… Just opinion…

I agree with the judges: Jeannine peaked at the right time. She flew under my radar for weeks. I liked her and thought she was very talented but she never stood out to me as one of my favorites. To me she was just your typical competition dancer. Very rarely did I see her open up. I will say however her solo for the finale was SICK! If she had done that Day 1, I might have been a fan. Out of the top 3, I’m glad she won.

Here’s to hoping Season 6 is a little more interesting!



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