Casey O’Connell painting

One of the blogs I follow is The Rockstar Diaries by Naomi Davis. I found her blog through my sister Nat. Nat and Naomi met at Joffery one summer forever ago and have kept in touch ever since. I’m absolutely in love with her blog, the way she talks about her husband, her sence of fashion, and her love for the little things in life like cupcakes, lipstick, and poloroids. Well, just recently she’s did a little blog about one of her favorite artists, Casey O’Connell, and she’s having a giveaway for one of her paintings When Freckles Collide. I absolutely adored this painting the moment I saw it and decided to check out the rest of Casey’s work. I love love love her work. Its so fresh and modern with a touch of roumance and little twist of quirkiness and honesty. Her colors and style are very hip and I’d love to have one of her paintings. Here’s to hoping I win Naomi’s giveaway!

“When Freckles Collide”

“Untill Now”

“Pen Pal”

Thanks Taza (Naomi) for introducing such a wonderful new artist and being a friekin amazing rockstar!


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