Happy Birthday Mr. Kevin!!!!

Today at Footloose we got to celebrate Kevin’s birthday. It was a lot of fun! Many people made fancy lookin cards, my mom made a wedding-singer-lookin cake… But my personal favorite part of the day was when Jen, Jason, Jack, Ellona, Sean, and I got to perform our 10 min musical medley of Kevin’s career for Kevin, Ms. Lynette, and the entire Footloose cast.

Back story: Yesterday after rehearsal Jason said to me “We should do something really awesome for Kevin’s birthday.” I jokingly said, “We should do a medley of all his shows.” From there we talked the other 4 into it easily and we met at my house @ 7pm(ish). Let’s just say we worked on that sucker till 12:45am! It was the funnest 51/2(ish) hrs EVER!!!

 For our tribute we all dressed in in Kevin attire (cargo shorts, white under shirt, plaid over shirt, high socks, and tennis shoes) and performed numbers from The Who’s Tommy, Lion King, Hedwig and the Inch, Babes in Arms, Hair, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and The Wedding Singer. I had Monica video tape it for me so I’m going to give the footage to Jason to do some spiffy editing to it…

We feel so honored to being working with Kev and getting to know him. He really is the nicest man in show business. I’m so glad we were able to show our appreciation for him today with our silly choreography and bad lip-syncing…



One comment on “Happy Birthday Mr. Kevin!!!!

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