NY pics part 1 (caution: my scary face ahead)

Since my face does not photograph well at the moment, I avoided many oppertunities to get my photo taken. However, their were a few coincidences where I let the situation slide. Some of the photos that were taken of me are in no way going to be on the Internet, for they are far too embarrasing. However there are a few that I wanted to share that are acceptable enough to make it on the blog.

Stephen Hanna, who plays the Older Billy in Billy Elliot, is a former principle with NYCB and good friend with my dear friend and teacher, Miss Carrie Lee Riggins. Carrie Lee arranged it with Steven to take my Mom and I backstage after the show. He was so nice (not to mention TALL) and it was a treat to watch him dance onstage!Stephen Hanna

My mom and I saw Chicago the same night Kostas and Travis did. We know cast member Michael Cusumano who was so sweet to take us backstage. Also in the cast was Grey’s Anatomy star and Houstonian, Chandra Wilson. We got to say hi to her when we went backstage. (I also have a pic of me with her but it didn’t make the cut for the blog pics.)Trav, Kostas, and Chandra

Onstage at The Ambassador Theatre where Chicago is playing. Future Roxie Hart? Possibly…Gun

I FINALLY got to meet Sutton Foster at the stage door of Shrek. She was so sweet and nice. And the coolest part is I’m her exact size. Same height. Same waist. Same legs. I could wear her costumes. Maybe her understudy one day? I hope so. Well, the picture I took with her is THE most embarrassing photo of me ever. I’m not just saying that. It is. Only few people have actually seen it. So here’s a photo of her seconds before she signed my playbill. What a glorious night!Sutton

I finished off my first role of Holga film today so hopefully I’ll get them developed real soon and have some interesting New York Part 2 photos.



One comment on “NY pics part 1 (caution: my scary face ahead)

  1. Elizabeth Fosdick says:

    You’re not scary in these pics. You always look good. You’re my role model.

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