And now I gotta cut loose


Yesterday I started rehearsals for Footloose, Rafa’s Summer Broadway Studio Work Shop. Kevin Cahoon is directing and I’m assisting him with the choreography. During rehearsal yesterday I watched the read/sing-through the show. I was very impressed the work they had done and it got me super stoked. The music is great dance music. I know it’ll be so fun to choreograph to. Today we worked on the opening scene. Kevin’s ideas are brilliant and I love love love being in the studio with him. His experience and fun attitude makes everyone want to work with him. And just let me say, I have NEVER met a more patient man. He has the patience of Job, by golly.

My bestie, Jason, who plays the leading role of Ren in the show, told me he’s probably gonna start vlogging the show so keep a look out at his blog and youtube channel : )




One comment on “And now I gotta cut loose

  1. beccamwillett says:

    hey caitlin, I havent been able to get a hold of kevin and i wanted to have dinner with him. Tell me when yall have rehersals and i will stop by some time. Miss ya! Glad you had an awesome time in NYC!! Can’t wait to see you.

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