Only 3 more days left

This trip could not have come at a better time. It’s been wonderfully theraputic for me and I’ve enjoyed my time tremendously. Ive seen a show or two almost every day. Taken dance classes (I’m incredibly sore) with my favorite teachers and friends. Met up with friends I haven’t seen in years. Shopped till I’ve literally dropped. Walked so much regaining my stamina and strength. Seen famous people. Rested a little. But mostly, i’ve had a lot of time to think. There have been so many things that have been troubling me that I needed to work out in my head. I miss Kenzie more now than ever. She was always the first person I could turned to in times of great sorrow. There have been so many times Ive just wanted to pick up my phone and call her. A big thanks to all my friends who’ve talked to me at those moments where I’ve missed her the most. It’s hard… Many of my friends are moving away and leaving Houston. I’m going to miss them dearly. One thing Ive started doing now is making sure I let the ones I love know that I love. It was always the last thing Kenzie and I said to eachother. I love my friends and all they do for me. And everyone who’s been for me in this hard time, I love you all more than u can imagine.
as my New York trip comes to an end I find myself anxious to be home with my dear family and friends. It feels like years since Ive been to Rafa and church . New York, I love u and u’ll be my home someday. For now, I need Texas.

I love u all,

(I’m not spell checkin this so I apologize for any grammar errors)


One comment on “Only 3 more days left

  1. julieann says:

    I miss you and MAKENZIE SO MUCH love you

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