Camera Update

Here’s the update from earlier:

Ms. J. Pamela, a good family friend and my go-to photographer, came over to the house the other to pay me a visit. She’s the most wonderful woman and simply darling to chat with. I love her company (and her photos)! Anywho, I wanted her to see all my photos for advice and feedback. I learned so much from her and I’m going to apply everything she told me when I get back behind the lens. I mentioned that I was going to buy my mom another camera, since her’s was ruined in the accident, so I could take photos in NY. Ms. Pam graciously offered me one of her cameras to borrow for the trip! I’m so happy 🙂 She’s so, SO nice and I’m going to be EXTREMLY careful with her camera. This solves two problems 1)I don’t have to blow off a lot of money before New York on a new camera so 2) I have money to buy a holga while I’m there!

With my new holga I can’t wait to pics like this and this. And I’d love to do this. Maybe even this. And possibly this (randow google pic below).


with love



2 comments on “Camera Update

  1. jasonabroussard says:

    those pictures are amazing! I would be amazed if you could take pictures like that!

  2. Vanessa says:

    PAM CULPEPPER IS THE BEST!!! I love that woman!!!! SO sweet!!!!! I am so happy to hear such wonderful, thoughtful news! And I loved the At Home Informal……it was right on! Perfect!

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