Search for a new camera

My camera  (it was actually my mom’s but i used it a lot! that I used in all the photo shoots and the final one, was totalled in the accident. Fortunatly the police were able to retrieve the memory card and we were blessed with those final photos of makenzie (assisted by the i-can’t-believe-how-he-can-defy-gravity aaron).

I’m stuck in a predicament. I’m going to have to get a new camera before I leave for NY on Tuesday, cause I was planning on having some photoshoots with my friends while I’m there. The problem is 1)I’m not sure if I want to buy one like my other one (the Canon rebel eos xti) or upgrade to a new one, 2)I kinda wanna buy a holga, which is this cute toy-looking plastic camera that takes really interesting film photos like this, and 3)I’m trying to save my money for ny.

what to do… oh what to do…


4 comments on “Search for a new camera

  1. Darrick McCally says:

    Caitlin-can you borrow a camera from somebody?

  2. I would say, go ahead and get a regular camera for the trip, cause you don’t want all your pictures to be so artistic, then when you get back, you can save for the other one.

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